Try Hard 2 Try Harder

The Stephenson family, Sarah, Paddy, Cailean and Aodhan have added a final twist to ‘The Skye’s the Limit’ challenge. For the final 24 hours they will be running a marathon, one (and a bit) miles per hour. Team ‘Try Hard 2: Try Harder have been one of the top teams throughout the challenge.  The challange asks teams to put in as many exercise hours as they can over a month; raising money for Skye and Lochalsh CAB and Skye Cancer Care.  The Stephensons have been in the weekly top 5 in both fundraising and time spent exercising. This is particularly impressive as Cailean and Aodan are only aged 10 and 11. Event Organiser, Sam Crowe, wanted to find out a bit more about this family team effort.


How have you managed the challenge around work and home schooling? “although we are quite an active family, we were a bit disorganised with exercise before the challenge, tending to hibernate a bit at this time of year. It has been difficult to fit exercise in around Schooling at home and in the hub and crofting, which is pretty full on at this time of year. But, squeezing in some extra walks has been great - the weather has really helped and we’ve enjoyed some star-gazing on our evening walks”

It sounds like you’ve done well to find the time! What sort of exercise have you been doing? “mostly walking and running! A bit of cycling on the turbo trainer as it’s been so icy and a few hours of sledging early in the challenge. Moooooving our cows to and from the fank gave us a few more hours than we’d hoped as they weren’t being helpful!”

As you start the 24 hour marathon, how are you feeling about it all “we are already regretting it!”

If you would like to help the Stephenson family stay motivated, you can donate to them here